Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yin Yang, Yi Jing and the Binary

Warm- Cool

Bright- Dark

Sunny- Cloudy

Quiet- Loud

Male- Female

Call it the duality of nature. The ancient Chinese developed a system to explain all universal phenomenon. Its principal and practice can be seen in divination, cosmology, religion, business, art as well as medicine.

I have only started to read the introduction on Yin and Yang and my mind started to wander- very likely a way to distract myself from study 😛 …I started to make association with the symbols that were used to denote the two sides of the same coin.

Yin, which is traditionally associated with the feminine, is denoted by two broken line  – –

Yang, which is traditionally associated with the masculine, is denoted by one solid line  ⎯

The ancients placed 6 lines of either the yin or yang symbols, and gave rise to a total of 64 figures of hexagrams (See a picture of these hexagrams and you’d be amazed with the combination that could come from just 2 different lines). These hexagrams were used to write one of the oldest textbook- Yi Jing (The Classic of Changes), which supposedly tells us everything that happens in the universe-  many in Asia still use the hexagrams as a way of fortune telling.

I found it interesting that  Chinese philosophy believes that Yin and Yang are the root and beginning of all life and death- if we were to take that literally, then Yin and Yang represents the components of procreation.

This got me thinking… the infinite possibilities from two symbols- does it not remind one of the binary system that is used for computer programing? The use of just 0 and 1 to create the digital world and the exponential growth of our digital age… If I really let my imagination run wild, do the symbols – – and ⎯  somehow resemble basic pictorial representation of the female and male reproductive organs? The same can be said of 0 and 1 as well.

As we stand on the threshold to virtual reality and artificial universe, I find it amazing that such rudimentary mathematics and computing has existed for thousands of years. Perhaps all of these had been prophesied in the Yi Jing but we  have yet figure out how to fully comprehend it.

Just some random thoughts…Time to get back to study 😜


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