Traditional Chinese Medicine

Balance of 3 Levels

There are 3 levels of balance to achieve optimal health- Within the body, between individuals, and with the environment.

The Body

The physical body (Yin), the tangible cells, molecules, fluids, etc makes up the structures. This physical body cannot function without activities and energy (Yang). The two forces keep each other in check.

The Social Aspect

Between individuals, dynamics of social and emotional balance plays a role in one’s health. It has long be proven in today’s society that emotional stress can trigger disorders and vice versa. I recall attending a seminar on naturopathy once. The speaker spoke of his experience in seeing profound changes in patients’ personalities and social behaviors once he started treating their physical ailments. I have not had a chance to study naturopathy , yet I found it interesting that both naturopathy and TCM takes patients’ emotional health into account for one’s overall health, instead of compartmentalize it into another field of medicine.

With the Environment

How adaptable are we with environmental changes? What are our bodies’ mechanism to compensate for increase or decrease in ambient temperature? What about humidity? Why do some people feel cold easily and some get heated with the smallest increase in thermostat? Why do some Labrador Retrievers get ear infections all the time and some don’t despite daily swimming? The ancients only had to deal with environment changes through natural forces, would the rapid changes human activities made to our environments within the last few decades be too much of a challenge for our bodies to keep up?


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