Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ancient Acupuncture Needles

This is something that I found interesting. I am not going to post pictures because I couldn’t find one where I can 100 % cite the sources. Google ancient acupuncture needles and you will see that there are so many varieties in length, size, shape.

While some of these look scary, I am fascinated by the ingenuity the ancients have with the limited resources.

Supposedly, some of the needles were very long because they were used in horses… Some were shaped like a sword/knife because acupuncturists also act as “surgeons” back then. Some were blunted because it was intended for people who were scared of needles. Of course these were all educated speculation, based on archeological finds and inference, which, aside from time travel, is all we have on history 400o years ago. Nonetheless, I found this fascinating.


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