Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Tedious Task of Memorization- Meridians

I am horrible at memorizing things. It’s one of the struggle that I always have throughout my academic career. From as early as I remember, my mother would go through my exam papers with me and question how I got something wrong, majority of time was because I couldn’t remember the name of something.

I don’t know how people are able to memorize cold facts. I usually need to figure out a pattern, a system. As I am reading through the sections on meridians, I have a sinking feeling… I am in trouble…

I finally figured out each channel’s locations by the cyclic flow of the Qi from Lung all the to Liver. Constantly reminding myself that the Qi has to pass from wife-husband-husband-wife and going from the Centre (Chest or Head) to Extremeties (Thoracic of Pelvic limbs) and coming back to the Centre.  I have a bit of trouble with the numbers of points in each channel, as well as where each channel connects with each other. I hope that once we get into the hands- on portion it will start to make sense. Meanwhile, I made a little table to help with memory.

The 12 Regular Channels

Time of Day Channel From To Number of Points
3- 5am 手太陰肺經 (LU) Chest Thoracic Limb


5- 7am 手陽明大腸經 (LI) Thoracic Limb Head


7- 9am 足陽明胃經 (ST) Head Pelvic Limb


9- 11am 足太陰脾經 (SP) Pelvic Limb Chest


11- 1pm 手少陰心經 (HT) Chest Thoracic Limb


1- 3pm 手太陽小腸經 (SI) Thoracic Limb Head


3- 5pm 足太陽膀胱經 (BL) Head Pelvic Limb


5-7pm 足少陰腎經 (KID) Pelvic Limb Chest


7- 9pm 手厥陰心包經 (PC) Chest Thoracic Limb


9- 11pm 手少陽三焦經 (TH) Thoracic Limb Head


11- 1am 足少陽膽經 GB) Head Pelvic Limb


1- 3am 足厥陰肝經 (LIV) Pelvic Limb Chest


8 Extraordinary Channels (奇經八脈)

Channels Location Connects to
24 hours/day 督脈; 陽脈之海 (GV) dorsal midline CV, ST


24hours/day 任脈; 陰脈之海 (CV) ventral midline GV, ST


Penetrating 衝脈; 十二經脈之海; 血海 (Chong- Mai) parallel to KID KID Reservoir of Qi and Blood
Girdle 帶脈 (Dai- Mai) Belt along the Lumber Region GB
Yang Motility 陽蹺脈 (Yang- Qiao- Mai) Lateral Hind limb, Shoulders and head SI, BL, LI, ST, GB hind limb motion
Yin Motility 陰蹺脈 (Yin- Qiao- Mai) Medial hind limbs, eyes KID, SI hind limb motion
Yang Linking 陽維脈 (Yang- Wei- Mai) Lateral Stifle, Shoulder GV, SI, BL, TH, GB, ST equilibrium between Yin and Yang Channels
Yin Linking 陰維脈 (Yin- Wei- Mai) Medial hind limbs, Neck CV, GB, SP, LIV equilibrium between Yin and Yang Channels

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