Traditional Chinese Medicine

The First Treasure- Jing 精

Every body has 5 treasures that keep the life going. They are Jing (精), Qi (氣), Shen(神), Blood (血) and Body Fluid (津液).

精, Jing

This is an interesting concept. What it is is “Essence”. There are 2 types of Jing

(1) prenatal Jing, which is sperm and ovum, or I think to be more precise, the holder of our genetic material. In TCVM theory, it’s the foundation of life and is stored in the Kidney, thus it’s also called the Kidney Jing (腎精). We each get a set amount of Jing at birth that will only diminish through time. Organism with congenital problem or fail to thrive when young are likely to be deficient in pre- natal Jing. This to me, seems be describing genetic mutation. The set amount of Jing that gets diminished over time, until when it finally gets used up which would mean the end of life- is almost like telomere– each time our cell replicate, the telomere gets just a bit shorter and shorter, until the cell dies or transform into a cancerous process. Prenatal Jing is like a default, everyone gets one. There are ways to delay prenatal Jing from being exhausted too quickly, and this is by having a strong source of Postnatal Jing. Pre- natal Jing also takes on an active form Yuan Qi (元氣).

(2) Postanal Jing, or acquired Jing, is almost like what we nurture our body with. It’s essentially extracted from the food we take in (Food Qi or Gu Qi 穀氣). Therefore, having good nutrition and a good lifestyle to keep the Qi in balance will help reduce the burning of the pre-natal Jing. Because food is digested through the spleen/stomach system, spleen Qi is very important in keeping the Food Qi in abundance and therefore important for supplying the Postnatal Jing.





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