Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Application of Acupuncture

As a practitioner studying to become certified in acupuncture and offering this option for patients, there is always a bit of anxiety as to whether or not this new thing I am learning will be effective and what types of ailment it could be used for. Also, the ultimate guiding post of- First, do no harm, is… Continue reading The Application of Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Tedious Task of Memorization- Meridians

I am horrible at memorizing things. It’s one of the struggle that I always have throughout my academic career. From as early as I remember, my mother would go through my exam papers with me and question how I got something wrong, majority of time was because I couldn’t remember the name of something. I… Continue reading The Tedious Task of Memorization- Meridians

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Modern Science for Acupuncture

Still in its infancy (in terms of correlation to Western methods of research), scientific studies on acupuncture only really takes off in the last 20 years, after National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health was established by National Institute of Health (NIH). Of the 360 acu- points, only 36- 40 have been extensively studied to… Continue reading Modern Science for Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture- Does it Work?

To tell you the truth, I haven’t had much experience with acupuncture myself. While this is something that is commonly practiced in Asia and I hear relatives and friends talking about different food properties following the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, I always had some reservation. I tried acupuncture once when there was a Groupon offering,… Continue reading Acupuncture- Does it Work?

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The 5 Elements and 5 Treasures

The 5 elemental organ systems are also connected to each other through their functions with the 5 Treasures. I will get into the 5 Treasures in details in a later post. The 5 Treasures The 5 treasure are blood (血), essence/Jing (精), spirit/mind/Shen (神), body fluid (津液), Qi (氣) The 5 treasures are governed, transformed,… Continue reading The 5 Elements and 5 Treasures

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Putting it together- Yin Yang, Zang Fu and the 5 Elements

Studying the Yin Yang first and then the 5 elements theory, my brain was spinning around. While each theory makes sense in its own merit, there is a part of me that goes- make up your mind! How do you know which theory to follow in which situation in a clinical setting? Yes I am… Continue reading Putting it together- Yin Yang, Zang Fu and the 5 Elements

Interesting tidbits

I wonder…

Researchers from Midwestern University traced the appearance, disappearance, and reemergence of the appendix in several mammal lineages over the past 11 million years, to figure out how many times it was cut and bought back due to evolutionary pressures. via Your appendix might serve an important biological function after all – ScienceAlert I wonder if… Continue reading I wonder…